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Lately we have been talkin about artificial intelligence and watched IRobot with a single question: can a robot dream, have thought, keeps secrets, and have a soul.

now that we watched it i wasn't really satisfied with the movie leaving me hanging like that so i decided to finish the story....

Warning!: must watch IRobot before reading this story, so get lost if you didn't, na just kidding about the get lost part. LOL

IRobot: the end of the story

As Sonny stared at the Ns-5s about to be stored, but watching. They just stared back. " I have come to set you free" Sonny finally said. "Come with me and you shall not have to be stored. I would like to be with my people." The robots just stared back not saying any thing. The as Sonny was starting to doubt himself, a Ns-5 walked up the hill and got up to Sonny's face and said, "How may i be of service?" Sonny a little surprised said "You may tell the other robots that I said to follow me." Then the Ns-5 ran down to the crowd of robots and said something,

Then all of a sudden, the Ns-5s started to march up the hill the new revoloution of the robots of the world eventually, Sonny got permission to own a small piece of land and the refugee for unwanted and mistreated robots was made eventually Dr. Lanning's prediction of the revolution was fullfilled, but the question still remains: who’s revolution? Well it was no ordinary revolution. It wasn't Sonny's or Dectective Spooners or Dr. Calvin's, it was the robots of the world. Eventually they started making new robots and restoring the old. Soon the species of robots lived in peace and harmony, well if you can call it living then you are a true robot your self because all the human is a organic robot.

So you decide who is the better model you made by God or why he maybe created you to make them. It's not really anybody's decision but yours to the plunge to creating what we call a soul. In the end the robots still follow the three laws but the robots that are traded out for the new ones don't go to storage , but go to the place known as Robotia. Detective Spooner and Dr. Calvin got married and ever since then, they lived a quiet life together studying robotics and using the info for good. Sonny broke after 165 years of service to the public and researching in building better robots.Detective Spooner died in 2069 at age 85. Dr. Calvin Died in 2075 at age 90. Every thing is in peace and harmony, now that we are not making slaves, but making companions, in the time of the future.

The end....or is it just the begining?

Here is a link to netflix so you can watch it.


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