Big Ol' Thank you to the following folks who help me to help my kids.

Thank you very much to the Sand Springs Education Foundation. Through their generosity, my students will be able to launch hot air balloons this spring. Balloons to the Moon!!

Thank you to my wonderful parents this year, who come through every time I put a call out for lab supplies. Their generosity means that I can afford to do more inquiry labs for my students!
Thank you to Discovery Networks and the Siemen's Foundation, who selected me as a Siemen's STEM Fellow! I had a wonderful time meeting teachers from all over the country in Washington DC over the summer, and learned a lot about STEM education.

Thank you to the nice folks who donate to They just made it possibel for me to acquire two flip video cameras to "flip my classroom!" I will record my lectures and post them on YouTube....the kids will watch my videos for homework, and do their assignments in class, where I can help them. More lab time!
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