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Study notes for Physical/chemical changes!! (if you were absent, and need to make up Study Notes, this is the place!!)

Check out this link to see the power point with my audio voice notes.
voice thread: physical and chemical changes

Vocabulary list for physical/chemical changes
1. Physical property
2. Density
3. Boiling Point
4. Law of Conservation of Mass
5. Matter
6. States of Matter
7. Chemical Property
8. Physical Change
9. Melting Point
10. Chemical Change

Atomic Structure Vocabulary
1. Matter
2. Atom
3. Law of conservation of Matter
4. Electron
5. Nucleus
6. Proton
7. Neutron
8. Element
9. Atomic Number
10. Isotope
11. Mass Number
12. Atomic Mass
13. Metal
14. Non-metal
15. Metalloid
16. Substance
17. Compound
18. Mixture

--print out the blank periodic table for your sciencelog.

Click HERE to access an awesome website on elements and the periodic table!

-- access a powerpoint which covers everything from the Chapter 4 Study Sheet.

Awesome website! Periodic table of video....just click on an element to see a video of that element.

Internet Chemistry Scavenger Hunt

The worksheet for the Hunt

Link 1: CHEMystery
Link 2: Science is Fun 2
Link 3: Chem4Kids
Link 4: Atoms and Naming
Link 5: Chem Games

Here is a powerpoint presentation for playing Atomic Structure Jeopardy. My favorite category is "Famous Old Dead Guys"

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