boystudy.gifCool Stuff for Students

JellyCam!! -- one of my new favorite tools. Create stop motion videos out of a bunch of pictures. Going to use it in my class to record plant growth.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- This is a cool contest merging film and physics. Record a video about physics for a chance at $100.00!!

Number Nut -- It's a game site....but it's math! Math learning that doesn't bore you to death. Yay!

Cramster --- Free online homework help for high school and college students. Answers the tough questions!!

Gravitee--- it's a computer game that might even make you think. It's fun. It's adictive. It's geeky.

FactMonster Need a definition? Some research? Just wanna learn something right now?

Scratch The folks at MIT developed Scratch to teach kids how to program. Think you're up for it? Girls can be engineers too! Check out this website!

Quizlet : Forget Flash Cards!! This site offers online study tools for all subjects and for most standardized tests!
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