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JellyCam!! -- one of my new favorite tools. Create stop motion videos out of a bunch of pictures. Going to use it in my class to record plant growth.

Phylm.org -- This is a cool contest merging film and physics. Record a video about physics for a chance at $100.00!!

A great website sponsored by the National Science Teacher Association. Science Matters!!

You Tube channel for math tutorials....it's a work in progress by one of our local tutors. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrSanditeMentor

Do you have a SMART board? The Eighth Floor techie learning center here in Tulsa sponsors a wiki with tons of info and tools for your SMART board, responders, etc. They even offer training!


Check out the awesome activities that I learned at the Summer Science Institute in Oklahoma City!

Music students... here is a really cool free online drum machine which can be used for music practice. And if you wanted to use it in a math class as well.... it's called Monkey Machine!

Hey math teachers....here is an awesome source for curriculum. www.algebra.mrmeyer.com and www.geometry.mrmeyer.com. He definitely takes a refreshing view of teaching math that doesn't rely on textbooks.

Earth Calendar: This website gives you holidays around the world for any calendar date. A wonderful resource to show your students about the world we live in!

Free Technology for Teachers ! This website will send out emails to you with the newest and coolest websites and tech for teachers of all age groups and alcl subjects. There are just too many links on their site for me to post here.

Check out one of my new favorite websites for teachers! My new tweep Kevin Cummins from Australia set up a site called Edgalaxy.com . Lots of cool ideas...Check it out!

Cool website for Periodic Table of Elements

The Berkeley Lab Video Glossary. An excellent resource for bringing higher level science terms into layman's terms. In other words....a geek to English video dictionary. Sweet! http://videoglossary.lbl.gov/‚Äč

NASA Digital Learning Network Webcasts from NASA. Gettin my geek on!

www.watchknow.org appears to be a new website for teachers with videos for our classroom. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I learned about a really cool planetarium program from Don Loving at Murray State College in Tishomingo, OK. It's called Stellarium, and it's free and easy to use. www.stallarium.org

Fun Earth Science Activity: http://webmineral.com/help/Forms.shtml
You can print out sheets that your students can fold into three dimensional crystal forms. Don't know the difference between triclinic and monoclinic?? Here ya go!

Awesome Website: Windows to the Universe
This is a cool website for Earth and Space Science Teachers. I could spend hours on this site. Definitely worth a look.

This is the link to my bookmarks saved in diigo. If you are not familiar with diigo, it is a website sharing site where you can find all sorts of cool sites, already sorted for you by tags. You can also put virtual "sticky notes" on the sites, so people who visit the sites through your bookmarks can see your comments.

Website containing a world-wide database of professional development opportunities for educators.

The top 10 scientific videos according to wired.com. Truly sick. Your students will love it. My favorite is the Nano Nano song.

This is an awesome website for meeting teachers all over the world. They will tell you about upcoming grants and professional opportunities. They will answer questions, offer help, and even share lesson ideas. I love twitter. My twitter address is @lisaseay.

This website lists sources for virtual field trips for your class, including all sorts of cool museums!
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