4th Hour

How do astronauts clean their clothes without water on the ISS?
Because there is not enough water on board to wash the clothes, the astronauts have multiple options:
Clothes don't get as dirty as fast in space because the astronauts don't tend to sweat as much, so the astronauts will wear clothes for up to a week before changing them out. But after that, they need to do something with their dirty clothes, so...

  • They sometimes release them into the vaccum of space, to burn up.
  • Other times, they use their dirty underwear to grow plants because they have nutrients (EWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) , and they need a spherical shape for hydroponics, so the astronauts get a sewing kit and sew the underwear into a spherical shape to grow plants in.
  • Another option in the future may be to feed their dirty clothes to bacteria.
  • In the Skylab, the astronauts would throw away their clothes.

There isn't enough water to wash the astronauts' clothing. Also, clothes don't get as dirty in space as they do on Earth because the temperature doesn't change and there is a controlled environment. Because they are in a weightless environment, they don't have to move around and use as much energy. The only time they sweat is when they excersice. At the ISS, Russians bring a capsule filled with new clothes. <- Here's a link to where we found most of our information!
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5th Hour

What is the best material to be used for in-hab clothing for the Lunar Space Habitat? We are working on the clothing and grooming business.
We have found that clothes need water to be washed, we have to find another way to wash them.
From our research, we have found that people go through at least two full sets of clothing in a month.
Our solution is to give them something that doesn't need washing every time you wear it. We also need something that is comfortable for the astronauts to wear. As far as our ideas go we are trying to find a way to make the clothes that they have to wear for protection comfortable. As of right now we are searching for materials that can protect against the harsh conditions of outer space. We were thinking about maybe layering clothes in order to keep them from freezing to death. A conflict with that though is that they might not be able to wear that comfortably and it would make it more difficult for the people who have to supply air because layered clothes wouldn't be able to give the astronauts oxygen. Another thing that we need is something that doesn't need to be washed constantly. Because that would use up all the soap or cleaning materials or if we did pack enough cleaning solution for that, it would cost more money and we don't need that. The problems with most of our ideas is either the lack of cleaning solution, lack of individual climate control, or the need for mobility and comfortability. The idea of the clothing disposal for us is if the clothes get dirty or infected with an airborne disease, for example, you wouldn't want to keep on wearing them you would trash them.

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