ossmlogo.jpgIn June, I was fortunate to attend the Conoco/Phillips Summer Science Institute at the Oklahoma School for Science and Math. I have scanned in all the awesome handouts for the activities. Here they are are....enjoy! (Please note that I have included copyright info where applicable.)


AcidsAndBasesInTheBathroomAndKitchen.pdf: A really cool activity in which you use a red cabbage indicator to determine the pH of household products. (probably my favorite part of the whole Institute!)

NeutralizingAnAcid.pdf: In this investigation, you will neutralize a solution of hydrochloric acid and use an indicator to tell when the reaction is complete.

ReactionsOfIons.pdf: How can you determine which ionic compound has formed in a solution containing known ions?

OxidationReductionInAShake.pdf: In this activity, you change copper ions to copper atoms by causing zinc atoms to give up electrons.

LemonVoltage.pdf: Instructions for the classic lemon-powered battery, with the science behind it.

Electrolysis I.pdf: Turning Water Molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases

AtomsAndIsotopes.pdf: Worksheet on Isotopes and Atomic Mass.


HumanBloodTyping.pdf: The paperwork used with the Carolina Biological Supply kit "Whose Baby Is It?"

IntroductiontoClassification.pdf: Great into activity for middle school.


BasicButFunPhysics.pdf: Three simple physics activities involving measurement.

PeriodOfAPendulum.pdf: Two activities using Pendulums.

GraphingYourMotion.pdf: Fun Graphing Activity using Vernier motion detectors.

Bumble Rumble.pdf: Study in Photon Motion (Random Walk) You draw concentric circles on the blacktop or parking lot with sidewalk chalk, and time how long it takes a Bumble Ball to cross into each circle. A bumble ball is a child's toy, driving by a gyroscopic motor, which makes it bounce around randomly.


NationalWeatherCenterActivities.pdf: Several simple activities to engage children to learn about the weather.

MakingSense RadarDataInTheClassroom.pdf: What do those pretty pictures on TV really mean?
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